ITIF Versions

Version 1.1 - September 2018

  • Release of initial web-based ITIF database
  • Added core and secondary 'Resources' objects
  • Added core and secondary 'System Plans' objects
  • Added core and secondary 'Customers' objects
  • Added initial object attributes (data elements) list
  • Added external objects
  • Renamed 'Sequences' to 'Periods'
  • Added 'Domains' as a framework element to group objects by general IT function
  • Added 'Use Cases' library to illustrate the use of objects and attributes to address common IT requirements

Version 1.0 (Previous Version) - January 2018

  • Initial publishing of framework in Adobe PDF format and static website
  • Release of core, secondary, and cross-cutting objects
  • Object definition summaries
  • Core object linkages to other core objects
  • Object attribute (data element) examples

ITIF Roadmap

Version 1.2 (Winter 2019)

  • Web-based ITIF reporting and object/attribute export
  • Visual navigation of framework
  • Add security objects and related attributes

Version 1.3 (Summer 2019)

  • Add common IT category values/examples